Friday, April 19, 2019

April 19, 2019

"As a child welcomes the dawn with a heart filled with expectation and hope, let us welcome Easter, this symbol of light." ~May Rowland
Dear Aspen Chapel Families,

      As we welcome Easter weekend along with celebrating our beautiful Earth, which is exploding with Spring flowers and smells, we can reflect on what the Easter story means for us and how we can impart that to our children. In many ways, the Easter story holds elements of our own lives. Once we recognize that, then the rituals we take part in take on a whole new meaning.
    We have all experienced deaths in our lives in the form of losing someone very close to us, or losing a job or experiencing illness and hardship. We've all felt like the world was against us and as if we've been abandoned or betrayed. In times like these we almost feel crucified.
     When Jesus was crucified on the cross, people scattered and feared for their lives. They were filled with grief and confusion. There is a darkness that can engulf us in the same way, when we're met with tragedy, hopelessness, loss, or loneliness. Being in that dark space is similar to Jesus being in the dark, stone tomb. It's hard to imagine things improving when we're feeling this way.
     The Easter story really illustrates how the sun does rise again. When the women discovered that Jesus' body was no longer in the tomb, they weren't sure immediately what that meant. Just like we don't always know the reasons for our suffering, yet people people say to us, "there's always a silver lining," or "this too shall pass." We don't always recognize the good that comes into our lives after a painful event, and sometimes we don't know when or how we've left the tomb.
      But there usually comes a day where we notice life has gotten better! Maybe we laugh or we feel more energy or confidence. We start to see light again. The Easter story reminds us that good can come from the most difficult circumstances. Perhaps we develop more compassion, or an unexpected door opens after another was slammed, or we develop the wisdom necessary for our next chapter in the journey.
     As we say goodbye to the dark and cold days of winter, and welcome the sunshine and color of Spring, we can celebrate not only the man who taught about peace, love, forgiveness, and faith, but also the resurrection that we as humans experience throughout our lives.
    This Sunday, children of all ages are welcome to join us in the Aspen Chapel Sanctuary for a short Easter message by Nicholas Vesey, then join us downstairs for lighthearted crafts and an egg hunt that celebrate Easter and Earth Day. We hope to see you Sunday at 11:00am.

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In Peace and Blessings,
Michelle Skagen
Aspen Chapel Youth Coordinator

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